Call for a Renewed TSWG Membership Directory

A map of the world, with orange dots and circles representing the number of Tree Seed Working Group News Bulletin downloads and readers from October 1 2023 to March 31, 2024.

A global map of Tree Seed Working Group News Bulletin downloads and readers, from October 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024, courtesy of the BC Ministry of Forests.

The primary intent of this form is to update and maintain an active Tree Seed Working Group (TSWG) Membership Directory to support our objectives and knowledge exchange amongst members. The first Membership Directory was published in 1985, and was recently revisited in 2019-2021. Beyond our mailing list, active TSWG members contribute to current tree seed research and development priorities, operational and applied expertise, and help us deliver effective News Bulletins and workshops. 

Your informtion may be printed or compiled into limited-distribution TSWG virtual resources for members. The TSWG Chair or Editor may occassionally contact you to participate in targetted TSWG surveys, events and to update to your listing. 

New Seed Services & Supplier Public Tool

With additional consent, your information can be listed in a new Seed Services & Suppliers interactive public search tool intended to connect industry professionals looking to access seed services and suppliers. This tool is being created to support the Government of Canada’s 2 Billion Tree Program and other restoration programs within Canada.

It is being created in partnership by Forests Ontario/Forest Recovery Canada, Forest Gene Conservation Association, and Canada’s National Tree Seed Centre. More information on data usage is provided below.