Tree Seed Working Group Workshop, August 2019

The Tree Seed Working Group (TSWG) workshop was held in Lac Delage, Quebec (August 19, 2019) in association with the 36th meeting of the Canadian Forest Genetics Association (CFGA).

The theme of the workshop was to “Reaffirm the Importance of Cone and Seed Services and identify knowledge Gaps”. There were about 60 people who attended the workshop. Since we had received interest from others unable to attend, we are posting the pdf versions of the presentations here.

To the organizers, the activities that pertain to cone collection, handling, processing, storage and pretreatment of cones and seeds and their critical role in sustainable forest management are not well understood or appreciated. Previous to our workshop a survey of priorities was circulated and that formed the basis for our selected review areas.

The 3-hour workshop started with overview of our working group activities, a memorial to those who have recently passed and facilities closed, and a celebration of significant anniversaries. A summary presentation was made August 20, 2019 to all CFGA conference attendees.

Presentations (PDFs):

  1. 2019 CFGA TSWG Workshop Summary – Dave Kolotelo
  2. 2019 CFGA TSWG Workshop Full Presentation – Dave Kolotelo, Melissa Spearing, Fabienne Colas
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