2022 Challenges to our Future Tree Seed Supply

The purpose of this tree seed meeting was to address a key bottleneck in the highly ambitious global reforestation goals – the sustained availability of high-quality and adapted tree seed.

Challenges to our future tree seed supply are real and begin with a lack of educational coverage, research funding and interest, and continued infrastructure investment. The tree seed supply system is taken for granted and unsustainable in its current form.

One of the meeting goals was to build strong relationships between organizations involved in this field:

  • IUFRO 2.09.03: Seed Physiology and Technology
  • International Seed Testing Association Forest Tree and Shrub Committee
  • International Seed Federation Tree and Shrub group
  • Our Canadian Tree Seed Working Group

Prioritization of efforts needs to consider the whole spectrum of activities from tree seed science, to production and processing and ultimately the provision of the best seeds and information to the global tree seed market.

The final program included two indoor meetings, as well as a forestry ecology field and bus tour to showcase “beautiful British Columbia”. 42 people attended the meetings and tours in-person, and 17 more attended via Zoom. 

June 23, 2022 Webinar (Sidney, BC)

Presentations (PDFs):

  1. Dave Kolotelo – Welcome
  2. Øyvind Meland Edvardsen – Introduction to the ISF Tree and Shrub Group
  3. Dave Kolotelo – TSWG / IUFRO 2.09.03 / ISTA FTS Overview
  4. Brian Barber – Tree seed production and use in British Columbia: past, present and future
  5. Melissa Spearing – OECD Forest Seed and Plant Scheme in Canada: 2020-2022 Updates
  6. Dr. Greg O’Neill – DIY Climate Based Seed Transfer
  7. Sabina Donnelly – BC Seed Planning Tools Overview
  8. Dave Kolotelo – Reproductive Biology – Why is it important?
  9. Dr. Michael Stoehr – Seed Production Efficiency Practices
  10. Dr. Hayley Tumas – The potential for molecular tools in seed provenance identification

June 24, 2022 Slideshows (Cowichan Lake Education Centre, BC)

  1. 2022-06-24 ØEdvardsen – The Norwegian Forest Seed Center
  2. Jeff deGraan – Washington USA Department of Natural Resources Seed Plant

June 27, 2022 Webinar (BC Tree Seed Centre, Surrey, BC)

Presentations (PDFs):

  1. Dave Kolotelo – Challenges to Tree Seed Supply Introduction
  2. Don Pigott – History of Seed Collection and Processing in BC
  3. Dave Kolotelo – Continuous Improvement
  4. Sylvie Carles – Quebec’s Challenges with Recalcitrant Tree Species
  5. Nabil Khadduri – Greenhouse Evaluation of Lab-tested Seed Feedback Loop